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While mobile devices ushered in a new level of connectivity, technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) are redefining the way enterprises and brands interact and engage with their customers. In a competitive business environment with growing consumer demands, enterprises have a pressing need for providing on-demand information, interactive content and engaging product demos. We at Mobiliya create best-in-class Augmented Reality experiences. Our team is adept at developing various AR implementations including visual overlay applications, 3D modelling, animations and cloud-based content management to cater to the different enterprise requirements.

Mobiliya partners with enterprise customers to create rich and user-friendly interactive catalogues, product manuals that come alive and step-by-step procedural guides that can be used for delivering immersive training experience to staff and customers alike.

Augmented Reality - OnBoarding Process

Augmented Reality - Enterprise Application Areas


  • Perfect substitute for tedious and extensive setup manuals and installation guides
  • Interactive audio-visual step-by-step information makes complex installations quick & easy
  • Reduces errors and re-work in installation and setup procedures
  • Enables quick and smooth troubleshooting of on-field issues


  • Ensures greater collaboration between field service staff and back-office experts
  • Experts and field technicians can share and annotate on-site video streams in real-time
  • Reduces travel and customer visits for technicians thereby lowering travel costs


  • Enhance effectiveness & attractiveness of training programs
  • Immersive simulations of training modules for various scenarios
  • Enables creation of more precise and personalised training modules


  • Understand business requirements & processes
  • Identify pain points & challenges
  • Analyze ROI


  • Involve user experience experts into the discussion
  • Initiate interactions with key stakeholders & end users of the solution
  • Capture user stories & scenarios


  • Identify & gather existing materials training manuals, equipment images, 2D / 3D content
  • Create to-build content list


  • Create solution roadmap phases, when & what readiness
  • Evaluate effort for content & solution development
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Mobiliya AR - 360 Development Methodology

Mobiliya’s AR development team utilises a user focused agile methodology for developing AR solution for customers. We also provide system integration capabilities with leading AR SDK providers which fits best into the business need of the customer.

Mobiliya AR-360 Campaign Management

Login Management
  • Enterprise login
  • Role Management
  • User & Group Management
Upload Media & Target Image
Setup Campaign
Preview & Publish
Scan & Play Campaign

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