The automotive industry is on the cusp of a phenomenal transformation. Connected Car is the next revolution where vehicle owners look up to their car as a companion that not only drives but also assist, safeguard, communicate, and recommend. Powered by a blend of sensors, artificial intelligence and big-data analysis, cars are becoming the greatest “mobile device” and owners becoming “connected drivers”. In summary, smartphone on wheels is the new analogy of cars today. Huge scope of innovation lies before automotive manufacturers and developers in Connected Car arena. Mobiliya, with its strong domain experience, is focused to contribute through new ideas and system integration services for the automotive industry.

What we offer

IVI Platform Engineering

There are multiple operating systems on which IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) devices function. The popular ones are Automotive Grade Linux, TIZEN, GENIVI IVI platform, and recently Android is gaining significant consideration as OS for IVI devices. Mobiliya extend its platform engineering capabilities, across these operating systems, to its automotive customers to develop and maintain their IVI software:

  • Operating System platform bring-up on target hardware
  • Rear view camera bring-up within 2 seconds
  • Bluetooth (BT) stack integration
  • Wi-Fi Direct (WFD) integration
  • User Interface Back Channel (UIBC) implementation
  • Audio policies configuration (for phone connectivity)
  • Dual panel implementation
  • Digital cluster implementation
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Lane Detection System
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection
  • Predictive Emergency Braking
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Pedestrian Detection
AUTOSAR Expertise

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) brings in several benefits to the automotive industry that reduces complexity and promotes reusability of components for standardized development of connected cars. Mobiliya’s AUTOSAR expertise offers:

  • Analysis, design, implementation, verification, and validation of AUTOSAR BSW modules
  • Expertise in AUTOSAR Run Time Environment (RTE)
  • Configuration tool support for AUTOSAR compliance
Auto IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Traditional application development for automotive (which requires CAN data from the Car ECU) demands the use of either actual car hardware for the ECU data or emulated CAN hardware. Here the main challenges faced by the developers are:

  • Complex setup for development and verification
  • Challenging environment for an app store based ecosystem
  • Requires developers to be experts in automotive domain
  • Leaves out a large chunk of developer community who can contribute in designing innovative solutions

To overcome and address these challenges, Mobiliya has designed a robust tool called Auto IDE for developers to implement CAN data driven apps seamlessly for Android based IVI platforms. The tool abstracts the complexity of CAN data access for the end application and does not require the developer to be an automobile expert. The emulator of Auto IDE is cross platform and can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and connects to an actual car head unit (Android based) or an Android phone or tablet.

Targeted end users of Auto IDE:

App Developers

Any developer (from Android development community) developing mobile / head unit apps using Auto extensions

Test Engineers

QA, app verification teams of vendor, auto manufacturer

System Engineers

In-house OEM team, outsourced device development vendor integrating automotive components to Android platform

Example Use Cases:


Mobiliya Auto Emulator

Simulate Rear Camera on Switching To Reverse Gear

Mobiliya Simulate Rear Camera on Switching To Reverse Gear

Simulate Showing Nearby Gas Stations On Low Fuel

Mobiliya Simulate Showing Nearby Gas Stations On Low Fuel


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