Convergence is the buzzword dominating the consumer electronics industry today. As consumers yearn for an increasingly connected experience, devices can no longer be typecast into traditional categories. Mobile devices can now be used to communicate, work, take pictures, provide location details through GPS and even connect with other home & wearable appliances. This has resulted in converging of the once-siloed industries of telecom, hardware and consumer electronics. Also, the advent of advanced digital technologies has enabled customers to personalize their experience in a faster and more efficient environment. The seamless blend of digital technologies, mobile-based applications and analytics has enabled elevating media experiences, drive high-end collaboration and open new commercial horizons. All these developments have dramatically transformed the consumer electronics industry, making it vital for vendors to build on their ability to manage a complete ecosystem of complementary devices, technologies and apps to succeed and gain clear market advantage.

Services We Offer

Mobiliya Technologies have been leading the pack in leveraging OS platforms for OEM and CE products to deliver a differentiated consumer experience across devices. Our expertise ranges from integrating OS on top of bare SOC to creating over-the-air device management utilities.

Expertise across Verticals

Mobiliya offers product design and engineering capabilities for a range of devices across verticals for multiple OEMs

  • Wearables
  • Smartphones & tablets
  • IOTs
  • Video conferencing terminals
  • STB/Television
  • Automotive

Device Expertise

Mobiliya partners with OEMs to transform innovative ideas into products and accelerate the time-to-market substantially. Our engineering and development services ensure that every new product is released with minimal risks. Mobiliya has proven device expertise across Mobile, IoT, Wearable & Automotive domains

  • Cross Platform UX Services: Design, Interaction User Study
  • Software Engineering & Integration Services
  • - Multiple OS
  • - Across Kernel/BSP, middleware and applications
  • Security

Cloud & Analytics

Mobiliya offers end-to-end cloud services to OEMs that allows them to enhance customer experiences by deploying new business models, deliver new services, content and apps for their products, while controlling costs associated with service delivery management.

  • Multi-tenant solution development
  • Device management
  • Expertise on multiple cloud providers
  • Development of cloud APIs for end user mobile and web app interaction
  • Development of web-based interfaces
  • Design of cloud apps & services
  • Hosting of cloud apps (Managed Services)


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