As a core industry that in a way powers other industries, the energy sector has seen the most significant transformation over the last few decades. As energy needs grow phenomenally, the industry is increasingly relying on innovation and technology for clean energy, creating renewable and unconventional energy sources and making existing energy sources more efficient and cost-effective. Be it oil & gas, smart electricity grids, solar or wind energy, technological innovation is imperative in energy storage, lowering per unit cost and achieving scale. Also, since energy is a “high-stake high-value” industry, energy companies need solutions that have a higher success rate with a significantly lower timelines from inception to execution. The use of connected technologies & Big Data is gaining significance with their ability to analyze massive amounts of data, identifying faults, optimizing energy grids and finding new ways to increase production.

Services We Offer

Mobiliya partners with energy companies to provide target solutions required across the entire value chain including process automation, collaboration, connected systems, data analytics and reporting.

Solar/Wind Farm Monitoring

Mobiliya provides LoRa based IoT solutions for solar & wind farms that enable companies to access real time actionable data for preventive maintenance, prevent downtime and minimize repair costs. It also provides BI data for forecasting energy production to distributors and investors.

Key Benefits
Monitoring Dashboard for Plant Admin:
  • Provides a comprehensive Dashboard showing different solar/wind power plants in a target geographical area.
  • Provides 1-click access to data from each string, inverter in the solar/wind farm
  • Ability to drill down to finer details for each plant
Reporting Functions
  • Aggregating data from different solar/wind panels and generating reports for analysis
  • Provides detailed reports for energy generation, weather, current voltage & inverter
Remote Monitoring
  • Enable remote monitoring of data from the plant’s SCADA system
  • SCADA systems are connected via web dashboards & mobile apps of administrators and engineers located in control centres or on-field
Oil & Gas

While the Oil & Gas industry has been highly automated for a very long time now, the IoT will enable unparalleled connectivity in every area of oil & gas operations and customer engagement. IoT is connecting assets, people, products and services to streamline the flow of information, enable real-time decisions, enhance asset performance, improve process and open new opportunities. Mobiliya’s IoT solutions for the Oil & Gas industry span a range of areas including:

Logistics & Operations
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Pipeline & equipment monitoring
  • Emissions monitoring, control and release management
  • Location intelligence
Upstream & Downstream Process
  • Real-time machine and sensor integration
  • Real-time alerts
  • Link to ERP data to trigger maintenance workflow
  • Plant dashboards & trends analysis
  • Asset information network
  • Fleet operations monitoring
Customer Engagement
  • Connected cars & businesses
  • Energy consumption profiles
  • Parking assistance
  • Smart appliances


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