Connected healthcare is the norm that is transforming Care Management to a new paradigm. Remote monitoring, connecting patients to families and medical professionals, improved preventive care, increasing precision in diagnosis are some of the key focus areas for leading healthcare leaders, service providers and technology companies. Integrating data is rapidly becoming the core of providing enhanced medical care at lower costs. Connecting disparate devices & wearables and intelligently employ analytics to use the data to address patient needs will drive future healthcare. Connected healthcare technologies are redefining the way doctors and patients interact and will soon allow patients to lead a healthy life and avoid going to hospitals completely.

Services We Offer

Mobiliya Technologies offers a deep-rooted expertise in delivering a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem that boasts of a spectrum of connecting wearable devices, intelligent systems and applications to enhance critical care and wellness experience. Platform modernization, real time big data analytics and analytics solutions that create actionable intelligence out of reams of data empower physicians with greater information and enhanced decision-making along with reducing medical errors and cost of care.

IoT in Healthcare

Mobiliya provides integrated device software development to collect and send health information from specific devices & wearables attached to patients. It also provides gateway solutions that assimilate and analyse health data on the cloud, send triggers based on any health variations and generate in-depth reports based on data collected across patients.

Remote Healthcare

Mobiliya offers end-to-end mobile app development & cloud services for remote patient monitoring. This includes integrating patient apps with wearable sensors to capture and push data to the cloud, provide interface to medical professionals to monitor vital parameters, payment capabilities for wearable device purchase and securing patient data on device and cloud.

Cloud Solutions

With expertise in AWS, MS Azure IoT platforms and Cloud PaaS engines, our secure and integrated healthcare cloud solutions promote cross communication while ensuring complete security of patient data.


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