As consumers become increasingly reliant on mobile devices for a range of day-to-day as well as high-end activities, there is an insatiable demand for smarter, more capable and functionally advanced devices. This has put into focus the need for high-performing chipsets that can power the most complex devices and systems enabling a range of functionalities. Also, with competition among OEMs, device manufacturers and vendors becoming intense, the only way to woo consumers is by offering distinguishing features, great speed and a truly attractive price. All this is fuelling the demand for powerful chipsets and embedded software that can deliver a richer and more connected experience. For device manufacturers, the challenge is to choose the precise assembly of chipsets among the wide array of mobile operating systems and communication standards, to create the most responsive products. As the trend shifts to OEMs developing their own integrated baseband and application processors, it would further help in creating flexible device designs, add LTE support and reduce costs.

Services We Offer:

Mobiliya partners with chipset vendors to deliver R&D & customer engineering support encompassing reference platform development, customer device commercialization and Android upgrade services.

Engineering Services

1. Kernel/BSP Skillsets

Board Bring Up
  • Power Optimization
  • Hardware Codec Integration
  • Kernel Upgrades
  • OpenGL
Driver Implementation
  • Display: LVD, RGB, MIPI
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity, ALS, Magnetometer, Touch
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, BT, PMIC, PCMCIA, Charger, USB
  • Others: Audio, Camera, NAND Flash, MMC
Expertise on Multimedia Stack

The Mobiliya Innovation Lab offers the perfect incubation point to transform innovative product and service ideas into workable POCs. As a technology partner for banking and finance associates, the Mobiliya Innovation Lab drives research on emerging technologies to create new products and experiences.

Expertise in:
  • Strong experience in developing and commercializing multimedia stacks for Chipset partners
  • DRM integration like in case of Android TV, STBs and special media devices
Security Enhancement on Stack
  • Creating secure enterprise products/apps with TEE/TXT integration
  • Secure Boot
  • Kernel Hardening

2. Android Upgrade

Mobiliya provides end-to-end Android Upgrades based on standard, proven upgrade process for Android. We provide standard ‘boxed’ processes for Android upgrades.

Upgrade for Silicon Reference Platform
  • Upgrade, Maintain and Release of Android Upgrade on reference Silicon Reference Platform
  • Focus on Kernel, BSP, Multimedia & Connectivity stacks – integration with upgrade Android frameworks
  • Rigorous testing and commercial quality release to OEMs for device
  • Complete support on BSP components to OEM through bring-up to device ship cycle
Upgrade for OEM Platform/Lead Product
  • Upgrade, Maintain and Release of Android Upgrade on OEM Hardware
  • Focus on upgrade & integration of OEM Hardware & Software
  • Rigorous testing and hardening of platform components
  • Support from device-bring up through Operator Acceptance process

3. Customer Technical Support

Mobiliya’s customer technical support team works as an extended arm for chipset manufacturer at device OEM/ODM’s site to provide comprehensive technical support on platform.

4. Reference Platform R&D

  • Developing & commercializing complete reference platform solutions for:
  • - Wearable IP camera
  • - SmartGlass
  • - Thinclient
  • - Tablet
  • Verify capability & performance of SoC hardware for SoC promotion
  • Provide readymade hardware/software to OEM/ODM for time-to-market

5. Device Development

Mobiliya enables end-to-end development of differentiated devices on Android platform encompassing

  • Prototyping
  • Development & Diiferentiation
  • Customization
  • Completion
  • Optimization & Quality


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