While communications have always been at the core of business, commerce and industry, wireless communications have opened up new frontiers that have hitherto been unchartered. Ubiquitous networks have provided unparalleled connectivity across terrestrial and spatial frontiers. The unprecedented rise in data consumption for consumer and enterprise, high speed connectivity and an explosion in digital services have led to OEMs, device manufacturers, retail brands and network equipment manufacturers adapt to a new paradigm in delivering telecom products and services. Also, the demand for continuous connectivity has put great pressure on communication service providers and network equipment manufacturers, forcing them to build more robust, powerful and scalable networks that can make consumers and businesses more agile and future-ready. To stay relevant in the coming years, communication service providers will need to re-invent themselves by leveraging critical digital technologies spanning mobility, Internet of Everything (IoE), Big Data & Analytics, Social Media, Cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Services We Offer:

Mobiliya Technologies has been a pioneer in delivering solutions spanning telecom and network arenas, with deep expertise in enterprise mobility solutions, streaming applications, developing telecom software to provide voice, data, video and web services.

Customer Service Portal

Mobiliya develops customer self-service portals for leading operators that can help service providers to stay with the customers at every step of their lifecycle.

Partnering with Operators for Managing IoT Endpoints

Mobiliya helps traditional network operators leverage new business opportunities by providing connectivity solutions for varied IoT endpoints. Mobiliya is helping traditional network operators explore opportunities in connected mobility, smart city frameworks, connected healthcare and home automation modules.

LoRa Technology

LoRa allows low powered battery operated devices to connect to the Internet without 3G or WiFi services. Mobiliya helps operators in building solutions on top of LoRa based IoT networks. Mobiliya allies with operators to manage and integrate LoRa endpoints with cloud through LoRa networks. LoRa solutions are being increasingly sought after while drawing smart city plans, track lost objects like bikes or motorcycles or smart meters.


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