The connected cars of today, are a milieu of complex electronic systems and ECUs (Electronic Control Units) each designed to perform different functions ranging from audio system, brake system, doors, lighting, engine, transmission, batteries etc. and also communicate via a common bus / network. It is estimated that a premium class automobile of today has approximately 100 million lines of software code while an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has 5.7 million lines and a Boeing has 6.5 million lines of code. With so much of vehicle complexity vis-à-vis features, connections, displays and interfaces involved, it is only natural that the system is regularly updated to ensure higher quality and improve functionality. Mobiliya offers OEM and Tier-1 to securely enable over-the-air update of automotive software. This includes software of car head unit (IVI) and ECUs.

Mobiliya Offering

Mobiliya offers implementation of FOTA for Automotive to OEM and Tier-1 based on the reference implementation with the following features:


Ready Reference Implementation: Customizable and Scalable solution to enable secure FOTA for automotive

Supports Multiple Update Packages: Update firmware, software and configuration packages with release signing provision

Analytics & Reporting:Gathers information on different ECUs and their status – Update complete, pending, issues, ECU type, version etc

SaaS Based Solution: Cloud hosted software to deal with complexities like managing multiple variations of ECUs, firmware, software and file version

Do continuous tuning and retraining of the network based on the result


Car Gateway Bootstrapping: Certificate provisioning in car/OEM manufacturing facility through secure PKI based key provisioning

Application Security:OAuth 2.0 based authentication for validating vehicle with M2M server and other communication

Policy based Security Governance:Utilizes access control list (ACL) type of controls for authorization and content protection on the car gateway

Data Security: Data-in-motion security using DTLS & TLS and data-at-rest security using AES 256 bit encryption

Key Benefits

  • On-premise cloud and public cloud deployment options available
  • Full source code access and transfer to OEM and Tier-1
  • Near complete reference implementation
  • Easily portable across chipset implementations
  • Easily portable and deploy across various cloud models – public, private
  • Customization friendly and easily scalable


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