Mobiliya Auto Emulator

Writing applications which run on automotive head unit is not as straightforward as writing applications for a smartphone. In addition, testing such applications after they are coded is an another uphill task. The different challenges which vehicle manufacturers and OEMs have to deal here are multiple. First, the developer should be an automotive expert who understands the complexity vehicle functions. Second, the developer must have access to a physical vehicle or hardware to deploy, run and test the applications. With cars now becoming smartphone on wheels, the current scenario leaves out a large chunk of developer community who can contribute in developing innovative solutions – but cannot do so just because they are not automotive experts or do not have access to vehicle.

Auto Emulator solves this problem by abstracting the complexity of vehicle architecture. It’s a tool using which any developer is able to write and test CAN data driven applications. Auto Emulator consists of an emulator in which the applications can be dragged-drop to run, log files can be imported to visualize real CAN data and more.

Mobiliya SDK architecture


Mobiliya offers the implementation of AUTO Emulator to OEM based on the reference implementation with the following features:

Easy to Install

Easy to Install

One click installation on Windows, Linux, Mac – ready to go in few minutes


Plugs into Native Emulators

No fork to development ecosystem. Supports native familiar tools like Android Studio, Xcode, or other native Emulator. No need to learn new tool

Cross Platform Architecture

Cross Platform Architecture

Developed with cross platform friendly technologies such as HTML5, Node.js

Write Once

Write Once, Run Everywhere

Runs on Car Head Unit, Tablet, or Phone. No need to rewrite the app


Playback Real CAN Data

Emulates real CAN data by importing vehicle logs thus enabling full-fledged virtual app building from anywhere

Connected Vehicle

Connected Vehicle Experience

Exploit connected vehicle experience by leveraging support for hundreds of data points captured from real car platform – Motor ECU, Comfort ECU, Safety ECU and more

Induce Faults

Induce Faults, Run Test Cases

Perform testing in repeatable manner by inducing various faults just with few clicks

Drag & Drop Launcher

Drag & Drop Launcher

One click launcher with drag and drop feature to install apps into emulator