Mobiliya Autosar

Mobiliya is the Associate Member of AUTOSAR. Ever since its inception, AUTOSAR has been the pioneer in innovating and benchmarking automotive technology by standardizing the development process and data format with respect to communication protocols and interaction with multiple ECUs in a vehicle network. Keeping pace with the dynamic trends in connected car development and the critical role played by AUTOSAR in lieu of it, Mobiliya too has been at the forefront in providing AUTOSAR based services to leading OEMs and Tier-1s across the world.


AUTOSAR OS Development

AUTOSAR OS Development

Mobiliya offers implementation and testing for common layer and HAL for different MCUs and Scalability Classes (OSEK, SC1, SC2, SC3 and SC4)

  • SC3 workaround on the hardware without MPU
  • Most efficient multi-core implementation
  • Designing including functional safety critical aspects, based on ISO26262 up to ASIL – C/D
  • Considering the latest AUTOSAR release (4.0.3 and 4.2.1) and considering Adaptive Platform in the roadmap
Blockchain R&D

AUTOSAR MCAL Development

Mobiliya offers to develop MCAL drivers for different MCU peripherals compliant to latest AUTOSAR specifications.

  • Development of Microcontroller Drivers (MCU, GPT)
  • Communication Drivers (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST)
  • I/O Drivers (ICU, PWM, ADC, PORT)
  • Code generation for all standard tools
  • Automated MIL (Model-in-Loop) and SIL (System-in-Loop) testing of the MCAL drivers
AUTOSAR Platform

AUTOSAR Platform Integration and Maintenance

Mobiliya offers the key services around AUTOSAR Platform Integration and Maintenance that includes

  • Integration and Maintenance of the customers’ AUTOSAR Platform (BSW, RTE) to different microcontrollers using a third party tools and solutions.
  • Implementation of SWC for different applications in Body, Powertrain, Chassis, Multimedia
  • Implementation and enhancement of BSW and platform based on COMASSO contribution
  • Automated requirement and validation tool development
  • Acceptance Test and Validations
Automotive SPICE

Automotive SPICE Execution and Consulting

Mobiliya offers development and consulting services for the Software Engineering Process Group (SWE) in A-SPICE. It includes requirement elicitation, system requirement analysis, system architecture design, software requirements analysis, software design, software construction, software integration test, software testing, system integration testing, system testing

Our team is adept in using tools and methodologies like IBM DOORS, Rational Rhapsody Enterprise Architect Configuration Management, Review Record Test Specification, Test Plan Communication Record, Traceability Record Test Results, Change Control Record

Key Benefits

Mobiliya is a preferred AUTOSAR Development partner for major leading OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers across the world as it provides key benefits like:

  • Has the reference implementation of AUTOSAR OS to showcase
  • Has the flexible engagement model, either maintaining or enhancing the existing platform using 3rd parties’ tool and stack or delivering the ownership for a new platform development based on the reference implementation
  • Has rich experience in modular based development and verification
  • Can contribute on the Adaptive Platform by leveraging the engineering strengths in security and connected car