Mobiliya Connected-Car

A research by Business Insider estimates that by 2021, connected cars would account for 82% of the total cars shipped globally. This just shows the paradigm shift that the automobile industry is going through. Connected cars are undoubtedly the present and the future. For vehicle manufacturers, this is where the biggest business opportunity lies. The rapid rise of the IoT has successfully brought mass transit vehicles like buses and trains under the connected vehicle ambit. However, connected cars form the bulk of the IoT-powered automotive industry which aims to make driving experience more enhanced and personalised. Already, leading automotive brands are poised to roll out models equipped with 4G LTE services that power Wi-Fi hotspots for connecting multiple devices.


Mobiliya’s Connected Car services offering are focused to help OEMs deliver necessary on-board and back-end solution to create connected vehicles. Mobiliya works as an integration partner with content providers and solution-provider for telematics, ADAS and infotainment. Mobiliya focuses on the key use cases, as below, which forms the basis of Connected Car:



Mobiliya’s Deep Learning powered ADAS offerings are aimed to make driver experience safe and accident-free. Based on V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure), automotive manufacturers can provide embedded safety features like:

  • Real time advice on speed and upcoming traffic signs and possible traffic rule violations
  • Road works and blind curve warning
  • Lane change and merging assistance
  • Voice-activated controls to minimize driver distractions
Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

Like all sophisticated electronic devices, contemporary and futuristic connected cars too are a hub of software and ECUs, embedded to implement multiple functions like audio streaming, navigation, braking, lighting etc. Thus, it is only inevitable that it needs regular maintenance and software update mechanism that ensures that the driver enjoys safe and superior driving experience for a long time. Mobiliya focuses on developing remote diagnostic and firmware update solutions to deliver critical maintenance services like:

  • Repair alerts
  • Reporting of the car’s vital parameters to the manufacturers diagnostics analytics system
  • Scheduling appointment with the nearest service station for regular maintenance
  • FOTA solution to regularly update software systems that control the engine and other car functions
Remote Services

Remote Services

Remotely controlling cars using smartphones remains at the core of the connected car technology. Mobiliya’s connected car solutions allow OEMs to fulfil consumer demands like:

  • Remotely locate cars in a parking lot
  • Remotely start cars to warm up during winters
  • Set thefts and geo-fencing alerts
  • Remotely track current route and location
Contextual Apps

Contextual Apps

Most cars can now be synced with the driver’s smartphones allowing the driver hands-free access to personal email, social media, favourite playlists and even videos. Going forth, automotive manufacturers will look to design exclusive connected car contextual apps. Mobiliya, with its ability to understand different technology platforms and system integration expertise, helps OEMs and Tier-1s to design specific apps integrating with business applications, calendar, communication, banking and ecommerce. It also opens up opportunities for insurance players to provide insurance based on real time driving statistics and car condition.

Key Benefits

With an extensive experience of developing solutions on top of semiconductors, operator networks, device and cloud platforms, Mobiliya as the ability to design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage connected car solutions. Mobiliya offers development of tailored solutions to help OEM and Tier-1 to deliver a range of services like Remote Diagnostics, On-road Assistance, Emergency Calls along with content services like media, news and location-based information connected to in-vehicle infotainment systems.