Mobiliya Security And Pen

System hacking for spying, stealing data and imposing financial loss is the single biggest threat to digital systems, processes and consumers. With modern vehicles too becoming a hub of complex software and multiple ECUs, they too have emerged as premier and vulnerable targets for hacking and malware attacks. And automobile hacking is not just a loss of data or resources but can be severely life-threatening. Thus, it is imperative that testing automotive software has become central to ensure the reliability of systems that control the lives of people.

With a legacy of delivering enhanced security solutions to leading global organizations like Samsung, Microsoft, Google, HP, Huawei and mission-critical Defence sector, Mobiliya is just the ideal security partner for automotive OEMs and Tier 1s. Mobiliya has a proven expertise in the device-to-cloud ecosystem like the Internet of Things (IoTs) and does in-depth vulnerability assessment for surfacing threats and solution recommendation. This also applies to the connected car ecosystem where car is connected to cloud, end user applications and third party services.


Our Major Work Areas for Automotive Pen Testing

Easy to Install

Easy to Install

Security assessment in In-vehicle software systems and services that include head unit and infotainment software

Plugs into Native

Plugs into Native Emulators

CAN bus and different ways to attack it

Ethernet security

Cross Platform Architecture

TCP / IP and Ethernet security assessment inside the vehicle

Write Once

Write Once, Run Everywhere

TCP over USB and remote network service attacks


Playback Real CAN Data

Vulnerability assessment in-car data transmission

Persistence regarding DoS

Connected Vehicle Experience

Persistence regarding DoS, MirrorLink and XML attacks