Augmented Reality

One of the most promising of the emerging technologies, Augmented Reality has been voted as one of top ten technology innovations that has the potential to bring more value for less in the healthcare sector. Mobiliya specializes in developing AR for complex healthcare equipment training and maintenance needs. The machineries used in operation theatres and diagnosis procedures are expected to have a high up-time. As a result they are required to be maintained regularly by following every minute procedure and test to ensure no glitch is left out as it could lead to a life threatening situation.

The biomeds and technicians taking care of the healthcare equipment need to refer to procedural manuals, capture the reading, results and log the same into the system for reporting to stakeholders. At times the equipment requires replacement of spare parts which needs to be checked in the inventory or a request has to be made to the supplier. Further, there are always new members joining the maintenance staff or new equipment getting introduced which requires the team to get trained and stay updated.

OEMs providing complex healthcare equipment have opportunity to digitally transform their products with Augmented Reality and enhance their customer experience and support. With AR, the productivity of maintenance teams is highly accelerated as they are able to do their tasks in less time with less errors and thus service more equipment in their daily routine. Along with AR, OEMs can enable e-commerce for team to order consumables, enable remote assistance for expert advice – all in just few clicks.

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