In 2016, Information Systems and Audit Control Association (ISACA) conducted a survey about how consumers today perceive Augmented Reality (AR). About 60 to 70% consumers saw clear benefits in using AR. From being a technology that was thought to be hi-tech straight out of science fiction movies to becoming a mainstay, AR has well and truly arrived. The inherent benefits that AR offers wherein users can get a deep-dive “live” experience by simply scanning a product with their mobile devices makes AR almost unparalleled. Its application in real world scenarios is rapidly making it an integral tool in every sphere, including insurance. AR can be used effectively throughout the insurance value chain, including sales and marketing, risk assessment, damage assessment and training.


Mobiliya, with its 360 degree engineering capabilities to enable and manage AR for workforce productivity, partners with insurance companies to enable them to leverage the best of AR. Mobiliya’s AR apps and solutions are targeted to add value, deliver enhanced customer engagement and improve business processes.


Sales & Marketing

Insurance companies can employ robo-advisors that can be on-call always to help customers


Solutions for automating processes related to handling of customer enquiries, updating contact information like phone numbers and addresses and generating customer IDs


Robo-advisors can help in reducing time taken to perform tasks by 80-90% which can be critical especially in areas like claim settlement or complaint resolution

Quality Processing

Robotics or RPAs can help insurers in predicting the eventual outcome of claims processes and suggest the most appropriate strategy based on that prediction