In a world that is increasingly been driven by data and analytics, companies that can capture, analyse and derive new insights are the ones that have the best opportunities to create and leverage new and existing business models. Insurance companies, which are literally “data mines” can use techniques like Deep Learning (DL) to harness the large volume of data and build consumer insights and patterns that may miss the human eye. DL methods and algorithms can help insurers today to offer a wider portfolio of products to stay relevant, deliver more personalised experience, automate underwriting and create new revenue models.


Mobiliya partners with insurance companies to build and deploy deep learning techniques and algorithms to streamline large volumes of structured and unstructured data coming in from various sources.

Deep Learning for Auto Insurance

The automobile industry has leapfrogged in the digital realm and is on the cusp of its greatest transformation ever vis-à-vis self-driving cars poised to be the next big disruption. Mobiliya helps auto insurers in reinventing auto-insurance practices by developing DL-based smart applications and solutions. By leveraging in-car systems like telematics and navigation systems our DL solutions would enable auto-insurance companies to offer personalised insurance packages instead of relying on standard premiums based on industry-wide statistics.


Risk classification using broad spectrum of data like social media

Automated image classification for faster processing of claims

Customer churns predicted and intercepted in real time

Insurance fraud detection

Enable usage-based insurance by leveraging IVI systems

Deep Learning for Health Insurance

Healthcare is yet another data-rich industry that has infinite data streaming in every minute in the form of demographics, patient’s medical history, vital signs, lab tests and reports and medication. Mobiliya can help in leveraging this treasure trove of information to enable healthcare providers to adopt a more pro-active approach towards treatment, predict if a patient’s condition is likely to deteriorate or even help in detecting life-threatening diseases like Cancer in the early stages.


Enables real-time preventive care to avoid deterioration of patient’s condition

Personalised medication developed for individual needs

Early detection/warning signs of patient becoming serious

Detection of life-threatening diseases like Cancer in early stages increasing the chances of patient getting cured