Mobiliya Enterprise application

Rapid digitization powered by innovative applications are helping global companies redefine the insurance business model. Enterprise applications are enabling insurance providers in setting new benchmarks in meeting client expectations, improve transparency and stay competitive in a dynamic environment.


With a strong legacy in building enterprise apps for diverse mobile platforms and devices, Mobiliya enables insurance companies to reimagine customer experience, enable a secure and productive workplace, optimize operations, modernize legacy systems and bring new products faster to market.


The insurance sector is virtually a treasure trove of data, both structured and unstructured. Vast amounts of data in different formats keeps pouring in each day. This includes structured data like type of loss, amount of loss, details of repairs and so on. The unstructured data includes notes, medical bills, accident reports, depositions, social data and invoices along with special graphs like accident locations and relationship between parties (physicians and claimant or claimant and repair workshop). It is imperative that insurance companies leverage this siloed data to make new discoveries and optimize business decisions.

Mobiliya provides data analytics services to help insurance providers streamline, structure and clean this data and turn it into pre-defined models. Mobiliya’s major data analytics service offerings include:

  • Pulling data from existing ERP and Oracle systems
  • Combining ERP data with open data sets for insight generation, optimization of churn management and personalised service
  • Building data inventory for insights and decision support
  • Personalised risk pricing platforms
  • Smartphone apps that enable insured to photograph, scan, describe and send electronically information

Productivity Apps for Sales Force

Mobiliya’s innovative wealth management app enables users to keep a close track of their investment portfolio or financial products. The app provides:

  • Salesforce automation
  • Secure access to corporate documents
  • Adding & managing leads
  • Analytical dashboard for a quick overview on different topics

App for Wealth Management

Mobiliya’s innovative wealth management app enables users to keep a close track of their investment portfolio or financial products. The app provides:

  • An interactive and graphical depiction of various investments and portfolio
  • Effect of individual investment on the overall portfolio
  • Growth rate, risk and return prediction of individual investment
  • Comparison of different investment portfolio for a specific amount
  • AR and 3D based comparison graphs
  • Integration with other insurance app

Chat Bot

Mobiliya’s nFlow Platform is a seamless chat bot solution to automate customer service with capabilities like multi-channel support and continuous auto-learning ability. It leverages a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine/Deep Learning algorithms.

Multi-channel Support

Supports integration with Facebook, Alexa, Cortana, Skype, SMS and Proprietary platforms

Flow Engine for Bot Training

Define information & dialogue flows. Feed domain specific intelligence to train the Bot

Configure Enterprise Workflows

In-built & Custom plug-ins to integrate nFlow Platform Intelligent Core with enterprise backend and workflows

Analytics Layer for Business Intelligence

Define business metrics in analytics layer for your business and customer intelligence

Fall Back to Human Support

Manage customer interactions using a combination of Bot with a fallback to a human support in exceptional scenarios

Continuous Self-Learning

Leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine/Deep Learning for continuous auto learning

Cross Platform Support

Supports iOS, Android, Windows and PCs

Deployable on Cloud & On-Premise

nFlow Platform is deployable on public/private cloud platforms and On-premise server