Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is all set to be the leading productivity tool in the manufacturing sector in the coming years. AR helps workers and shop floor personnel in performing complex tasks by accessing holographic versions of their everyday manuals and guides superimposed directly on the assembly line or machine surface. Mobiliya develops AR solutions that allow manufacturers to create unparalleled efficiencies for training, enhanced productivity and in-turn improve profitability.


R For Workforce Training

Industrial training is a complex and tedious process and often leads to learners gaining only partial understanding of equipment and / or systems. This is mainly because learners cannot see the machine in totality, especially the hidden parts even during a field training session. Also trainees cannot self-study or recreate machine operations.

Mobiliya offers development of augmented reality based immersive learning experience that helps in effective training of industrial workforce. Key features and outcomes we bring in:

  • Replicate the entire classroom training into digital AR based learning
  • Structure content in MLTP format to allow trainees to follow consistent training pattern
  • Architect the solution in scalable manner to add new content easily through a cloud based content management system
  • Trainees get access to an enhanced classroom training experience at their finger tips
  • Trainees independent on field machinery to understand the detailed operations

AR For Workforce Productivity

The daily routine of industrial personnel involves using handheld devices like tablets or making trips to workstations to refer machine instructions, schematics and workflows. This is very cumbersome and makes it difficult for workers to focus thereby leading to lower productivity. Also, carrying the tablet or mounting it to a tripod and switching between the tablet and the work area can be of severe hindrance.

For hands free devices like smart glass or head mounted tablets, Mobiliya offers development of AR solution to help industrial workforce overcome these challenges and bring in greater efficiency in terms of productivity:

  • Voice command enabled solution blended with the IoT ecosystem for AR + IoT experience
  • Navigational Commands – voice instructions to perform various operations
  • Data commands – voice commands to display past and present operational logs
  • Manufacturers can get about 30% increase in faster completion of work
  • Provides 70% reduction in inconvenience resulting out of manual operations vis-à-vis voice based commands

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