As digitization creates a massive upheaval across the telecom sector, companies globally have been experiencing radical decline in top line. Voice and messaging services that once formed the core of the business are on a downhill replaced by new social media communication channels. While this may sound as a death-knell, it presents a unique opportunity for telcos to innovative using disruptive technologies for better customer service, enhanced workforce productivity and increased revenue through new business models. Telecom operators incorporating digital technologies can improve their profits by as much as 35%, underlining its significance in the overall industrial ecosystem.

Mobiliya has a strong experience in engineering products and digital channels for telecom companies to deliver enhanced customer service, cut down support costs and improve employee productivity.


Augmented Reality

Empower field service with immersive and smarter AR tool for error free maintenance


Customer Support Automation

Deliver enhanced, consistent and proactive customer experience across Omni channels


Customer Self-Service Platform

Enable digital self-service channels for seamless services and support delivery with reduced cost