Augmented Reality

Mobiliya boosts productivity of telecom field service by digitally transforming the conventional procedures through augmented reality.


Typical Challenges of Field Service in Telecom

Field personnel in charge of on-site base station tasks like server operations and maintenance usually face several technical issues that need them to refer to product manuals, schematics and workflows. However, often the product manuals are tedious and difficult to comprehend which makes maintenance tasks slower and less efficient. Some common problems include:

  • Low efficiency in tasks like server installation, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Higher and iterative training cost
  • Higher occurrences of field work errors
  • Demands collaboration and dependency on remote expert

Mobiliya AR360 Solution

  • AR app for smart glasses and tablets that delivers step-by-step procedural guidance to maneuver complex wirings, equipment at base station site
  • Visual tutorial for troubleshooting issues during migration and installation cases
  • Display past and present logs of the procedures performed
  • Content Management System to push new content to field workers’ devices
  • Remote assistance to seek expert advice
  • Integration with enterprise backend to report job work

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