Customer Support

Customer Support Automation

Challenges Seen In Existing Technology Landscape:

  • Multiple, disparate legacy systems and multiple customer facing applications - have to repeat problem explanation each time and to every customer service rep
  • Support teams, in most cases, do not have access to holistic view of customer history, interaction logs and problem details
  • No business intelligence on customer usage, behavior patterns to provide better support
  • Repetitive nature of queries costs time to both customer, service rep – leads to unhappy customer, prone to churn out

Mobiliya nFlow To Automate Customer Support:

  • nFlow is a flow engine by Mobiliya to accelerate customer service automation
  • Brings in capabilities such as multi-channel support and continuous auto-learning
  • Uses combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine / Deep Learning algorithms
  • Empowers customer service to define information and dialogue flows
  • Feed in new queries, domain specific intelligence to train and automate service for repetitive nature of requests
  • Fallback to human support in exceptional scenarios