Mobiliya Labs

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Mobiliya’s robotics solutions are targeted towards enabling humanoid robots for a range of applications including customer interaction, emotion detection and analysis of facial expressions of customers visiting retail store.

These robots can work as customer service executives in banks to help customers with banking processes, account information and counter systems.


nFlow Platform

Mobiliya’s nFlow Platform is an advanced chat bot application for enhancing and automating customer service. nFlow Platform leverages a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) along with

Machine Learning (ML)& Deep Learning(DL) algorithms and has key capabilities like multi-channel support and continuous auto-learning prowess.



Mobiliya’s Blockchain solution links a physical product, through smart tags, and stores a product’s digital identity along with details in a secure distributed storage system – inherently auditable and unchangeable.

Blockchain can be extended to industries like insurance to counter fraudulent claims and automotive to check on spare part counterfeiting. Similarly transparency can be established in different industry segments.