Each day, consumers and enterprises are making new and sophisticated demands, making it imperative for businesses to re-invent products, designs, user experience and technologies. Mobiliya is partnering with clients globally in this process of constant innovation, re-engineering, optimization and customization to create strategically differentiated products and services through its advanced Innovation Lab.
The Mobiliya Innovation Lab creates and nurtures a new wave of futuristic ideas and products ranging from SaaS, licensed software or open-source as well as turn-key projects, offshore leveraged EDCs and co-owned IP.

Mobiliya Innovation Lab – Your R&D Partner

With extensive experience in innovation & R&D initiatives, the Mobiliya Innovation Lab acts as the perfect partner for all clients.

Authentication Mechanisms

Mobiliya Innovation Lab helps in accelerating enterprise-wide digital agenda by creating rapid prototypes and pilot test products. It facilitates in researching emerging technologies and consumer trends, seed disruptive ideas and collaborate with the digital ecosystem, including, academics, VCs and entrepreneurs

Reduce Cost of Service Delivery

Mobiliya Innovation Lab accelerates time to market of new digital tools and products backed by a well thought roadmap that ensures saving critical costs

Success from Collaboration

Since companies often work in isolation, they lack critical insights from an outside perspective. Collaborating with Mobiliya Innovation Lab offers multi-dimensional inputs delivered through the engagement of users and other key stakeholders. It works as a partner, critic, manager and adviser in the entire innovation process

Support to Smaller Players

Several startups or small companies do not have the capacity to undertake extensive innovation initiatives by themselves, especially when it comes to including key stakeholders or target audiences in the process. Mobiliya Innovation Lab provides access as well as the technical know-how in defining and executing the innovation process efficiently

Mobiliya Innovation Lab – Capabilities

Mobiliya Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Be it for building an algorithm, developing a prototype or assessing market demand, our POC capabilities ensure that clients get the perfect test bed to assess the risks and game changing ability of a product/idea.

Mobiliya Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility Analysis

With our feasibility analysis expertise, we deliver detailed project reports and domain specific techno-commercial analysis to deliver the most disruptive systems and solutions

Mobiliya Research/Research Papers

Research/Research Papers

We partner with clients to create, publish and promote advances in enterprise mobility and connected ecosystem to stimulate and revolutionize community intellect and thought-processes

Mobiliya UX Design Documents

UX Design Documents

Our UX Design Documentation is focused on taking the design forward instead of being just an indicative stack. Our documents complement the designs at every step, adding value to the entire design process.

Mobiliya Market Analysis Reports

Market Analysis Reports

Our precise market insights and analysis spans key market elements like competitive benchmarking, technology, tracking customer and channel intelligence, ensuring that you make the right choice.

Innovation Domains

Mobiliya Authentication Mechanisms

Authentication Mechanisms

  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Face-recognition authentication
  • Single Sign On across all digital banking channels
  • Managing two-factor authentication using new emerging technologies
Mobiliya Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

  • Identification of data points for maximising customer engagement
  • Customer demographics
  • Trigger/criteria to send relevant push notifications to customers
  • Personalized engagement for better targeting of services
Mobiliya Automatic Document Processing

Automatic Document Processing

  • Optical Character Recognition: Solutions to automatically process & digitize documents
Mobiliya Payment


  • One-touch payment: Integration of payment/transaction verification with biometrics such as face/finger

Innovation Lab – R&D

The Mobiliya Innovation Lab has consistently developed niche technologies targeted to precise needs of a range of industries.

Mobiliya Innovation Lab – R&D

Digital Classroom & Learning Management (LMS) Platform

Focused Vertical: Education

Mobiliya has redefined the digital learning domain with its advanced cloud-based digital learning management platform. The platform offers digital or virtual classrooms, interactive learning tools, content store, library and extensive knowledge and performance management tools to make education relevant, effective and personalised. Partnering with some of the leading schools, colleges and universities globally, the digital classroom platform is helping students and teachers engage in value-based learning that can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

Mobiliya Unified Collaboration & Communication Channel

Unified Collaboration & Communication Channel

Focused Vertical: Enterprise

To deliver the corporate workforce with a “unified workplace”, Mobiliya has developed a flexible mobile app platform that seamlessly blends cross app workflows with single sign on. With in-built support for MS Office 365, Sharepoint & Lync, the platform offers ‘in-context’ collaboration capabilities between team members.

Mobiliya Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Focused Vertical: Enterprise

With the massive proliferation and assimilation of mobile devices into enterprise systems and processes, enterprises need to go beyond the features and functionalities of a legacy MDM. Mobiliya has created the only xMDM (Extensible MDM) solution that offers device, workforce and asset management together. The xMDM is an integrated manageability solution that can be extensible for IoT and can seamlessly integrate with niche industrial (SCADA) systems. In addition to device management capabilities, the platform can be extended to remotely track employee location, keep detailed records of sales visits and track vehicle/fleets with an in-built IVI system.

Mobiliya Android Based Custom ROM

Android Based Custom ROM

Focused Vertical: Consumer & Enterprise

Mobiliya has developed a unique enterprise-ready custom ROM with consumer & enterprise features to allow users containerize work & personal data backed with enterprise-grade security. Built on top of Android, the custom ROM is targeted for differentiated devices of varied form factor. The custom ROM is enhanced with advanced device management capabilities, Application security, data encryption and enterprise readiness and is completely compliant with the Google Playstore.

Mobiliya Microsoft Rights Management Connector Service

Microsoft Rights Management Connector Service

Focused Enterprise: EMC Documentum

Used by clients worldwide, the EMC Documentum is made Microsoft Rights Management ready by Mobiliya’s RM Connector Service. The Mobiliya MS Connector Service makes EMC Documentum secure from document leaks and data loss & powers it with a reporting service, a document audit trail & capability to classify sensitive data.


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