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With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), there has been an explosion of digital devices with billions of connected devices capturing, sharing and transacting data at any given point of time. Thus, the traditional method of a broker-based networking system where devices rely on a central cloud server to identify and authenticate individual devices is no longer sufficient in identifying, connecting, securing and managing a multitude of devices.

Blockchain with its distributed ledger technology is rapidly emerging as the perfect alternative to manage millions and billions of network nodes and transactions. Blockchain helps organizations achieve greater visibility across the supply chain and enhance traceability of products across the value chain, making it the perfect addition to enterprise systems and processes.

Mobiliya helps organizations in adopting the Blockchain methodology by integrating existing networks and combining other technology areas with Blockchain to leverage its complete potential.



Problem Statement Analysis

Problem Statement Analysis

  • Is Blockchain really needed ?
  • involvement of multiple trust-less participants
  • State Maintenance Distributed / Replicated "Single Source of Truth"
  • No reliance on Trusted Third Party



Blockchain Selection (Factors)

Blockchain Selection (Factors)

  • Immediate Finality vs non-Immediate Finality Permissioned vs Non-Permissioned
  • Consensus Protocol Private Transaction/ Confidential Contracts Scalability



Technology Selection

Techonology Selection

  • Smart Contract Dev Environment REST .Java Script ,C#,GO,Python
  • "Blockchain As a Service" Option





  • Industry/Use Case Research for Blockchain End-To-End User
  • Application Development (Including Blockchain Interaction)





  • Full fledged End-To-End User Application Development (Including Blockchain Interaction)
  • Launch Support Maintenance

Blockchain R&D

Blockchain R&D Use Case for Automotive Industry

Blockchain solution in automotive industry can be vital in tracking goods as they move from one point to another and minimizing fraudulent activities.

Spare Part Counterfeiting

Spare Part Counterfeiting: An Inherent Challenge

Spare part counterfeiting has been a perennial challenge for the automotive industry. Spare part manufacturers and suppliers, automobile companies and end consumers are adversely affected with this counterfeiting. Since none of these stakeholders have complete visibility of the spare parts, it becomes easy for fraudulent elements to easily replace them with fake parts or divert them to different areas.

The spare part value chain begins with the spare part manufacturer lading to the distribution agents, the car manufacturer, car dealers, the end consumers and finally the service station. Throughout this journey,spare parts can be manipulated by:

  • Tampering & re-packaging
  • Product diversion
  • Replaced with fake parts
  • Manual errors leading to outdated log information
  • Lack of a standardized platform for buyers to verify authenticity
Blockchain Advantage

The Blockchain Advantage

The greatest advantage that Blockchain provides is the visibility and ability to track the spare parts as they move through the value chain.