My Frontier

The My Frontier app allows existing Frontier Communications customers to manage their account.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Customers with a registered Frontier ID can view and pay their bills as well as see historical statements and payments.
  • It is available for phones and tablets running iOS or Android OS.
  • You need to be an existing customer of Frontier Communications and have an existing Frontier ID in order to use the app.


Every picture has a story to tell. With AfterLight, you can watch your stories come alive. A powerful and intuitive image editor, AfterLight makes photo editing simple and great fun.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Uniquely made adjustment tools.
  • Fully adjustable Original Filters, Guest Filters by various Instagram users and Seasons filters.
  • A range of real and natural light leaks created with 35mm film and instant film, to simplistic scratchy film textures.
  • Cropping and transforming tools including rotating, flipping, straightening and double exposure tools.
  • Range of different simplistic and adjustable frames, paired perfectly with Instagram.

Contour Connect

The Contour Connect app gives you excessive control of your Contour camera & transforms your mobile device into a wireless viewfinder.

    Remote on Your Mobile
  • With a Bluetooth connect, Contour Connect gives your device remote capabilities.
  • Users can remotely configure Contour Camera settings, get Live previews, start/stop recording, check battery, camera memory and GPS signal .
  • Wireless Camera Settings
  • Select video mode, adjust microphone volume, change lighting conditions, configure GPS from any location .
  • No Need of a Laptop
  • Watch recordings, edit/delete photos/videos right from your mobile.

How to Cook Everything

Read, enjoy and experience Mark Brittman’s cooking world come alive on this ultimately popular app.

The Awesome App Features:
  • How-to illustrations, equipments, techniques, ingredient information and meal planning ideas.
  • Browse between recipes easily and bookmark specific ones.
  • Flexible search capabilities including enhanced filters and the ability to browse recipes and reference information.
  • Handy built-in timers, placed throughout the recipe steps.
  • A notes tab on each recipe that makes it easy to add your own recipe notes.
  • A constant-on button to prevent the screen from dimming while you cook.

Family Guy

This Fun Family Guy game helps you delve in some epic battles, encounters with your favourite characters and much more.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Unlock hilarious outfits for your characters like Mermaid Peter, Bikini-Clad Quagmire, and Rambo Lois .
  • Send your characters on ridiculous quests .
  • Peterfy your town with decorations such as The Petercopter, The Peterdactyl, and The Hindenpeter .
  • Unlock hundreds of brand new and classic animations .

Child Mode

The child mode app relieves parents of losing critical data and ensuring complete parental control while your child handles your device.

Containerized Access
  • Restrict access to selected apps and system functions.
  • No access to calls/SMS or camera.
Set Pin
  • Prompts parents to set a mandatory PIN to secure parents application and data.
  • A great back-up security feature in case there is no security lock on the device.
Configure & Choose Child Apps
  • Parents can configure a range of gaming apps and also control the apps that the child will have access to.

Anti-theft for Android

Loss/stolen mobile means a constant threat of your critical data getting into wrong hands. The anti-theft app prepares you for the worst.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Quick employee search based on name or contact number.
  • Start conversations with instant call & conferencing capabilities.
  • Conference Call Scheduler .
  • Detail conference agenda & minutes.
  • Host of settings spanning language, calendar, host number and system notifications.
  • Setup call profile.
Set Pin
  • Prompts parents to set a mandatory PIN to secure parents application and data.
  • A great back-up security feature in case there is no security lock on the device.
Advanced Security
  • User can back-up the account through their email address in case of forgotten password.
  • Add a security question in case of a forgotten PIN.
  • Enter PIN to open the App.
  • Remotely ring your device.
  • Enter PIN to open the App.
Controller Mechanism
  • Set up list of users who can control/lock/wipe device remotely.

Samsung Smart Conference

A requirement-specific app exclusively designed for Samsung. The Smart Conference app enables cross-functional teams to start instant conversations and collaborations.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Quick employee search based on name or contact number.
  • Start conversations with instant call & conferencing capabilities.
  • Conference Call Scheduler .
  • Detail conference agenda & minutes.
  • Host of settings spanning language, calendar, host number and system notifications.
  • Setup call profile.
Mobiliya-Samsung-Smart -Conference

Mobiliya EDVELOP

A cloud-based LMS that has set a new benchmark in the future of online education.

For Teachers:
  • Share content.
  • Time Table – scheduler and reminder.
  • Assignments and Test workflows.
  • Question Bank integration.
  • Class Library .
  • Remote Class room – Virtual Learning.
  • Research Collaboration.
For Students:
  • Participate both online & in class.
  • Have greater control over learning experience.
  • Have Self-paced differentiated learning.
  • Leverage tech to communicate effectively.
  • Access learning path for collated content, gamification.
  • Access email, Cloud Storage.
  • Discussion Forum.
For IT admin:
  • Low Bandwidth Requirements.
  • User Management Console to manage all devices.
  • One Click setup.
  • Hassle Free Onboarding.
  • 99.9% cloud availability.
  • Analytics and dashboard for reporting.
  • Keep a tab on teacher pedagogy & learning modules.
  • No IT hassle – cloud based platform.
  • Device partners for a single window installation.
  • Low cost – High Value. More ROI than Smart Class.
Mobiliya Mobiliya EDVELOP1
Mobiliya Mobiliya EDVELOP2

Belgian Beer

Enjoy the “spirit” of the famed Belgian Beer with the fun Belgian Beer app.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Rate beers, choose favourites, post notes, and view community opinions.
  • Browse the Belgian Beer app.
  • Explore Food Pairing and Seasonal recommendations.
  • Peruse Trappist, Abbey & Specialty Beers.
  • Search for specific beers of interest.
  • Navigate the provinces of Belgium and discover the beers produced in each region.
  • Explore Belgian beers by historical timeline.
Mobiliya Belgian Beer

Chicago Tribune (Crime LA + Widget)

A neat and handy app for an exclusive peek into all the happenings of Chicago.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Create your own personalized news feed.
  • Edit the section list to be in your preferred order.
  • Save must-read stories, photos and videos for when you have the time to enjoy them.
  • Keep track of what you've read and what you haven't with Progress Report.
  • Get the latest breaking news in your notifications.
Mobiliya Chicago Tribune

Parental Control on SMS

The parental control app ensures that your child’s device is always at your fingertips.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Simple parents and child on boarding process.
  • Add & connect to your child’s device with a unique identification code (UID).
  • Parents can view/control manage all functions of one/multiple child devices.
  • Parents view/manage child device system, apps, alerts, calls and messages.
Mobiliya Parental Control on SMS

Bump Ahead

An Android application that requires your device to be docked in the car.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Shows location of all the registered bumps on Google Maps.
  • Shows bumps on all the possible routes between the source and destination .
  • Bump alert before crossing the registered bump.
  • Capture unregistered bump and location details for future reference.
Mobiliya Bump Ahead

Mobiliya ONVELOP

Selected as the “Cool Vendor” in Gartner 2013 Enterprise Mobility Report, Mobiliya ONVELOP enables users to manage multiple communication channels, enterprise application data and workflows through one single interface.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Interface enables in-context collaboration capabilities between team members.
  • Comprehensive document management (check-in, check-out, role-based review/approval) exposed through native mobile user interface
  • Secure application data through work/personal space containers.
  • Manage/control access on mobile devices based on enterprise access policies.

Delivery Boy

An Android app that enables smooth and efficient management of delivery personnel across products and locations.

The Awesome App Features:
  • Individual activation of delivery boy account/profile.
  • Delivery boys can mark themselves available/unavailable for making deliveries.
  • Check product details.
  • View pick-up & delivery locations on Google Maps.
  • List of pending & completed orders.
  • Track distance travelled everyday.
  • SMS alerts of orders assigned.
  • Delivery confirmation/cancellation process.

Map Me

Track current and last visited location of up to 5 different friends to keep your friends and family always in sight.

The Awesome App Features:
  • View/share your current location.
  • Secure apps and data with a mandatory pin also limiting child access.
  • Configure and manage gaming apps for kids.
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