An embedded device or system is a targeted single-purpose computing system which is a part of a larger system or device. Embedded systems usually perform a single or a limited set of tasks and are hence small in every way – size, power consumption, computing power and cost. Embedded systems are critical for creating smart, efficient and compact systems for solutions employed in handheld devices, consumer electronics, auto & aero telematics, medical equipments and industrial automation. Some of the common examples of embedded systems are cell phones, ATMs, printers, thermostats, calculators, home theatre systems and many more. The basic hardware of an embedded system is usually a development board which includes a microcontroller. The board is capable of storing and processing small amounts of data as well as communication. Embedded software controls all the components and capabilities that include sensors, touch-screen, motors and storage extensions.

Embedded Hardware & Software Services

Mobiliya offers embedded hardware and software services that are tailored to address the embedded needs of different players in the mobile ecosystem, particularly handset OEMs, ODMs, semiconductor vendors, ISVs, mobile entertainment and media companies and operators. Mobiliya helps clients build their own embedded connected devices, right from planning through prototyping to production, integration and testing.

Hardware Services

Mobiliya Hardware Services

Hardware Services

Mobiliya offers reference platform development services for tablets, IP cameras, SmartGlass, STB, Dongle and Thin Client.

Mobiliya has proven capability to :
  • Build reference hardware platform
  • Verify the capability and performance of SoC hardware for SoC promotion
  • Provide readymade hardware/software to OEM/ODM for time-to-market
Mobiliya Software Services

Software Services

Mobiliya’s embedded software services include:

  • Operating system porting
  • BSP development
  • Firmware development
  • Device driver development
  • Proprietary & third-party stack integration
  • Embedded application development
  • Software verification
Mobiliya Mobiliya - COE for IPTV

Mobiliya - COE for IPTV

Mobiliya embedded systems development also spans connected devices and creating home connected devices. This includes Over-the-Top services for television, Internet-streamed delivery content – downloaded and streamed and other IPTV and hybrid TV services.

Key Services
  • Combined EPG
  • Offline TV viewing
  • Porting appsIR blasters
  • Voice control for TV
  • Cloud store integration
  • Third party integration, e.g. Nuance, MobiTV etc.
  • Integration of cloud based and legacy based content system with IPTV platform


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