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With the increasing acceptance of testing/QA as an independent function, the focus on building mature testing practices has become critical for organizations, as quality has a profound effect on business outcomes. This in turn has necessitated the need for a model that can assess the maturity of the current test organization and also work as a reference model for selective improvements.

Our team of experienced QA/testers have a diverse skill set spanning various domains like Telecom, Security and Automation. Instead of making testing as just a process, our testers are adept at asking the right questions that align to the business context of our customers. The focus is to have the right blend of technical and business perspectives while evaluating every piece of software or product.

Testing Practices

We, at Mobiliya have the skill set to indulge in all the different types of testing including:
  • Functional Testing:

Mobiliya conducts extensive functional testing of all types of software spanning web applications, distributed systems with mobile elements, enterprise web systems, desktop applications, mobile applications and system utilities

  • Integration Testing:

Our integration testing procedures are targeted to check and evaluate the interaction between different software elements and detect any defects in the software interface

  • Performance Testing:

This is one of the most critical forms of quality testing necessary for every software. This includes evaluating software behaviour, checking bottlenecks and testing for stability and scalability of the software

  • Security Testing:

In a world of increasing cyber threats and attacks, the importance of security testing can never be undermined. Our security testing comprises of comprehensive security assessment, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, pre-certification security audit and static code analysis

  • Product Validation:

To ensure that your product meets expected success, our team assists you in comparing the performance of your products with other competitor products, measuring overall product efficacy and validating product claims

  • Certification and Compliance:

To ensure that a product or a software meets market standards, our team helps in assessing different properties to ensure they meet the specifications and are compliant with safety regulations

  • Usability Testing:

To ensure that your product is a great success with your customers, our usability methodologies are designed to assess individual features, identify weak spots and present opportunities for improvement

  • Load Testing:

Load testing is essential to check software behaviour when put under expected load and also to evaluate its capacity to handle overloads or the maximum load

  • Localization Testing:

With more and more clients catering to specific geographies and markets, localization testing ensures that your software speaks the language of your customers. Our localization testing includes documentation translation, compatibility with regional standards and native environments and regulatory compliance

Success Stories

I. For a USA based customer, we were involved in the Automation of the MDM services - on the cloud and the Android app.
  • Automation for server was implemented using Web driver
  • Automation design is based on Page Object Pattern for UI tests which comes with the following advantages:
  • -   Page Object is a Design Pattern which has become popular in test automation for enhancing test maintenance and reducing code duplication makes test readable
  • -   Page object is an object-oriented class that serves as an interface to a page of your AU
  • -   Page Objects are meant to encapsulate the messy internal state of a page
Automation using JMeter
  • Stress Automation using JMeter (from 100 users till 50000 users)
  • Adding multiple load on the servers
  • REST API (Functional) Testing
  • Android Client Certification Testing
  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Created Sanity Script for Demo.
II. For a Japanese customer, our QA team were involved in to security testing for their Android devices and making them ready for Common Certificate, so that the devices can be used in the US defence and other security organisations.

The testing activity involved in this project revolved around these features

  • Encryption
  • SD Card encryption
  • Android KeyStore
  • Certificate Validation
  • MDM Capabilities
  • VPN testing


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