Mobiliya Asset Tracking

It is more than a Package Tracking System - it is your complete Smart Inventory Management tool. Our solution has a number of features aimed specifically at reducing inventory running costs, improving package safety and maximizing operational efficiency. The solution provides a web dashboard & a mobile application to Monitor, Locate and Report all your remote assets so that they are completely visible 24/7.


Control your Inventory

Mobiliya Asset Tracking gives you full control of your inventory always. Using GPS Tracking, you know exactly where your assets are and what their status is. Alerts and parameters can be set up using IoT sensors at set intervals. Track the asset while on the go. Get real time update when there is any change in moisture, temperature or pressure in and around the package. This allows to give accurate ETA or status update to your customers.

Increased Productivity

Using Mobiliya Asset Tracking, you will have real time update of your asset. With the help of web dashboard, the package path can be planned and optimised including the time the package is sitting idle. Transport vehicles can be utilised better using our solution. Assets that are not being utilised can be easily identified and assigned work, meaning that your inventory is always moving & increasing your revenue.

Reduced operational costs & Improved profit

Running costs of your assets can be reduced drastically. Using the most efficient tracking methods, you get to know the status of your asset in real-time. Faster time to recall the asset in case of any pilferage reduces cost. These savings along with increased productivity and efficiency lead to improved profit.

Efficient Supply Chain

With Mobiliya Asset Tracking you eliminate unnecessary idle time of the assets. At every stage of the asset movement, real time updates allow you to trace the conditions they are exposed to.

Advantages of Asset Tracking :

- Know real-time location of the goods – both outdoor and indoor
- Know treatment of the goods – temperature they are exposed to, handling condition, humidity
- Complements the existing inventory management system to provide insights at inventory scan


Smart Label Sensors :

BLE sensors (for temperature, indoor location, accelerometer, humidity)

Temperature Sensor

For measuring temperature the goods are exposed to during transit and storage

Indoor Location

For tracking of goods in the warehouse


For detecting if goods are handled properly during transit

Humidity Sensor

For determining if the goods are exposed to moisture / water

Connectivity Protocol :

- BLE Protocol (can be extended to support ZigBee / Z-Wave / 802.15.4 / LoRaWAN)
- BLE sensors are attached to the box carrying the goods

Gateway :

- Fixed Gateway - Dell Edge Gateway 5000 series (for Factory / Warehouse)
- Movable Gateway - Dell Edge Gateway 3000 series (for Truck and Transportation)


Send / Receive Assets

Scan Assets

Get Details of Assets


Unified Dashboard View

Inventory Management

Create Rules for Assets

Monitor Asset Parameters


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