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Vibescan is an advanced facial analysis and emotion detection solution. It detects mood by analyzing facial expressions. Vibescan delivers accurate analytics about the human emotion.This machine learning based advanced analytics will provide brands, the knowledge of customers’ reaction to their products and services. This solution can be applied widely to several customer interaction scenarios.

Developed by Mobiliya in collaboration with Ericsson, Vibescan reflects the essence of innovative digital transformation technology that allows businesses to further improve their products and services.

Sample Potential Application Areas


To drive successful customer engagement brands must develop deep emotional connect to influence consumers’ behavior. Branding and marketing teams must constantly create, measure and reinvent advertising strategies and promotional content to improve consumer response. Vibescan’s emotion detection and analytics helps marketers pinpoint the most / least engaging content to optimize marketing.


With connected and autonomous vehicles set to dominate the automotive market, it is imperative for the manufacturers and OEMs to make their cars emotionally aware. Integrating Vibescan with the car’s ADAS and infotainment systems will make cars understand passengers’ mood and deliver personalized experience.


As we move towards connected device driven world, it is important that our devices understand our needs and emotional condition. Vibescan is a great tool to make this connected ecosystem more emotion-centric. For example, imagine after a hard day at work your home automation system identifies your emotional state and adjusts the lighting to warm and colourful hues, plays upbeat music and even turns on your favorite show to soothe the evening.


With Vibescan medical practitioners can track their patient’s emotional well-being to provide better and comprehensive treatment. Be it for a patient’s post-operative rehabilitation, counselling for mental or emotional trauma or the overall response to an on-going treatment, Vibescan allows healthcare professionals to deliver a more “emotion-aware” therapy.

Solution Overview

- An individual must be facing the camera in a targeted area
- The camera reads the facial expressions including any subtle changes
- The solution provides a cognitive feedback (light color / intensity) based on the emotions detected. Example, happiness is shown in pink while sadness is shown in orange color along with the intensityBLE sensors (for temperature, indoor location, accelerometer, humidity)



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