MSG-GAN: Multi-Scale Gradient GAN for Stable Image Synthesis

by Raghu Sesha Iyengar, Animesh Karnewar

While Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have seen huge successes in image synthesis tasks, they are notoriously difficult to use, in part due to instability during training. One commonly accepted reason for this instability is that gradients passing from the discriminator to the generator can quickly become uninformative, due to a learning imbalance during training. In this work, we propose the Multi-Scale Gradient Generative Adversarial Network (MSG-GAN), a simple but effective technique for addressing this problem which allows the flow of gradients from the discriminator to the generator at multiple scales. This technique provides a stable approach for generating synchronized multi-scale images. We present a very intuitive implementation of the mathematical MSG-GAN framework which uses the concatenation operation in the discriminator computations. We empirically validate the effect of our MSG-GAN approach through experiments on the CIFAR10 and Oxford102 flowers datasets and compare it with other relevant techniques which perform multi-scale image synthesis. In addition, we also provide details of our experiment on CelebA-HQ dataset for synthesizing 1024 x 1024 high resolution images.


Android Binder Transactional Data Security Vulnerabilities

by Manish Dwivedi, Director of Engineering at Mobiliya, Ramsharan Prajapati, Engineering Manager at Mobiliya, Saurabh Abhale and Nandan Dhapte, Software Engineer at Mobiliya

Recently the enterprise-level usage of the mobile devices has grown significantly owing to the large cost savings and productivity gains. But this has also resulted in the increased risk of leaking confidential data stored on employee’s devices and significant business risk for organizations. In this paper, we will describe our investigations related to interception of confidential and sensitive information in the IPC mechanism of Android known as Binder. We will also propose solutions to avert such data leakage and security vulnerability in Android Binder.


Mobiliya Common Criteria Certification for Mobile Devices

by Manish Dwivedi - Director of Engineering at Mobiliya, Ramsharan Prajapati - Engineering Manager at Mobiliya

In the today’s world, the mobile devices has become a De-facto way of communication for both personal and enterprise level usages. This is likely to remain so over the next couple of years. While it is well understood that the mobile communication is here to stay but, due to increasing number of cyber-attacks and security issues, security-conscious customers, such as the U.S. Federal Government, defense sectors and other private companies are striving to get security assurance for these devices.


AR for Enterprise: Top verticals that are set to become AR - Smart

by Ashish Agarwal, Senior Engineering Manager at Mobiliya

While this may seem still quite distant, there is indeed no doubt that Augmented Reality (AR) will cause the next big disruption in the enterprise space. Just as desktop computers replaced typewriters only to be replaced by laptops, tablets and smartphones, we can well expect AR powered smartglasses and HMDs to join the league of these mobile devices in the coming era.


Internet of Things – Enterprise

by Mobiliya

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up new vistas for enterprises like never before. By connecting devices to systems which were previous ‘non-connectable’, IoT are poised to create the next paradigm shift in the enterprise sector. By creating an almost continuous stream of ‘Smart Data’ available at all times, businesses can now achieve resource efficiencies, tap into new revenue streams and markets, of incredible magnitude.


Internet of Things – Home Automation

by Mobiliya

By 2020, the global home automation market is expected to touch $12.81 billion and is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.36% between 2014 & 2020. A trend that will mainly be powered by a revival in new residential constructions and renovations coupled with the ever-growing consumer need for convenience, connectivity, energy efficiency, safety and security.


IoT Cloud For Smart Cities: Key Features & Components

by Abhijeet Zilpelwar, VP Technologies, Mobiliya

This whitepaper focuses on defining the structure and inherent features necessary for a secure cloud platform. The objective is to provide a deep-dive into the architecture necessary to power intelligent systems processing phenomenal amounts of data.


IoT in Healthcare: Innovating Sensor-Based IoT Mechanism for Medical Emergencies

by Ashish Agrawal, Senior Engineering Manager, Mobiliya

The idea focuses on creating a mobile medical device that can automatically inform the appropriate nearest hospital in case of a life-threatening emergency situation using a nearby mobile for its intermediate pathway.


Continuous Energy Management - Mobiliya Whitepaper

by Amar Balutkar, Director of Engineering at Emerging Technologies, Mobiliya

This paper provides an insight on how companies can have continuous auditing of their energy consumption by augmenting their current infrastructure with IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) elements.